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Lofranco’s Hall of Fame

(OVC DD0129)

Lofranco’s Winne= r Take All

(OFA 567)



 Lofranco Aegis Mesmerize

(OVC, PRA normal/clear)

CAN CH. Lofranco’s Best Seller

(OVC 011266)



Lofranco’s Vanity Fair

(OVC 011717)

Lofranco’s Zoltan Czigany

(OVC VV0057)


Aegis Come Hell or High Water RN

(OVC, CERF, PRA normal/clear)


Lofranco’s Inspi= ration

(OVC 00162)



CH. Lofranco’s Playboy Aegis

(OFA 948G-T, CERF)

CAN CH. Lofranco’s Better Than Ever

(OVC 011267)



CH. Aegis Hocus Pocus

(GDC 16074H12EN)

CAN CH. Lofranco’s Here Comes Trouble<= o:p>

(OVC AA0127)



Lofranco’s Federal Express

(OVC AA7149)

AM/CAN = CH. Lofranco’s Winterhawk Sierra

(OVC VV0225)

Aegys Devil Wears Prada = (PRA normal/clear)



Oakhill Calli Lofranco

(OFA 453)



CH. <= span class=3DSpellE>Lofranco Aegis Zeus OS


Lofranco’s Hall of Fame

(OVC DD0129)



CH. Aegis Yada Yada <= span class=3DSpellE>Yada RN=

(OVC 017177, CERF)

Lofranco’s Yasmichyne Showcase

(OVC DD0126)



CH. Aegis Lofranco Georgia Peach


CH. Mt. Carmel’s Paladin



 Aegy= s Knockin On Heaven's Door = RN

(OVC hips and elbows, Thyroid)




CH. Lofranco’s Layla of Sugarbrook OD




Oak Hill’s Spirit of Renewal


INT/AM/CAN/SA/PR CH. Oak Hill’s Captain Courageous OS

(OVC 5159)



CH. Oak Hill’s Tenacious Daphne

(GDC 19757H12EN)

CH. Oak Hill’s Mistress Cleopatra

(OFA 708 G)



Oak Hill’s Rambunctious Brie


Lofranco’s Izsak of Eagle Acres

(OFA G-615277)




Gypsy Wind’s Autumn Mist

(OFA 773 G)